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Certification products featured on ITCertPro have actually been used by me. I will not feature a product on this site unless I feel that I can stand behind the quality of the certification product.

I do receive compensation for most of the products featured on this site. I appreciate the many people who have purchased these products through my site. Below is a disclosure of products for which I am compensated.

I have used Amazon personally for many purchases. I do not think that I have to tell anyone about the great prices that you can find on Amazon. This is the one vendor where I cannot say that I have used ALL of their products, but I feel comfortable recommending Amazon to others. I receive a commission on products bought from Amazon through my site.

Microsoft Store Online
I have made several purchases from the Microsoft Store Online including a laptop, software, and some XBox games. I had one experience which was trying which you can read about here. Despite that experience, I have shopped there again and I can honestly recommend others to shop there, too. I receive a commission on any sales made through my site. Sales are tracked by Rakuten Affiliate Network (formerly Rakuten LinkShare).


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