Since installing Service Pack 1 for System Center Essentials (SCE), almost all of my computers are reporting the following error: "Performance Module could not find a performance counter" This is extremely annoying because it looks as though all of my clients are in trouble. I have not been able to find much support for System Center Essentials and this issue. However, over on the blog for SCE's big brother, System Center Operations Manager, there is a workaround for this same issue for their Service Pack 1. The instructions work for SCE as well. Note that this is only a workaround. Microsoft still needs to provide a permanent fix which may entail updated Management Packs. 2008-04-02_1411
  1. Navigate to the Authoring Space in the Console.
  2. Select “Rules” under “Management Pack Objects”.
  3. Type “Performance Data Source Module” in the “Look for:” box and click “Find Now”. Be sure a Scope is not set or filtering the “Health Service” Target.
  4. Find the rule, “Performance Data Source Module could not find a performance counter” under “Type: Health Service (2)”*, right-click, select “Overrides”, “Disable the Rule”, “For all objects of type: Health Service”. *Note: In my installation, I only had “Type: Health Service (1)”
  5. When prompted, “Are you sure you want to disable this rule for Health Service?” click “Yes”.
This should minimize your headaches until Service Pack 2 is released.

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  1. Anders Olsson

    Thanks for the tip. This one was drowning me in errors too.

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