CBT Nugget Discount Change

NOTE: THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED AS OF FEBRUARY 2012.There will be a change to the CBT Nugget discount that I have been offering on my site.

Beginning in October, the 10% discount will not be valid for streaming subscriptions or archive server purchases. I would still appreciate purchases through my site for these items (and would be most grateful), but the discount will not be applied.

Therefore, if you have ever thought about purchasing a streaming subscription or an archive server, now is your time. Purchases made during the month of September will get the 10% discount for any purchases. In October, the discount for streaming subscriptions and archive servers may be terminated at any time.

The 10% discount will continue to work for any individual titles or packages, even after the October deadline.

Thank you to everyone who has made purchases through my site in the past. I appreciate your business.

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