Tech Ed Head

I think that I am coming down with a case of Tech Ed Head. It is a new condition that I have just invented to describe my anticipation of Tech Ed 2008 and that I may have the opportunity to attend the event again this year. The Microsoft announcements are all up online which only adds to my condition.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Tech Ed will be split into two sessions this year, both held in Orlando, FL. The first session, which will run from June 3-6 is for Developers. On June 10-13, the second session will focus on IT Professionals. (This is not to imply that Developers are not IT Professionals! :-) ) Early bird registration runs through April 4th, saving you $200 of the $1995 full registration price. I will hopefully be attending the IT Professional conference.

Something cool that I learned about Tech Ed today is how the Microsoft Certification Testing center will be run this year. The actual Tech Ed conferences are running from Tuesday to Friday one each week. On the Tech Ed web site I found that the testing center will open on Monday, June 2. It will also be open on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (June 7-9) between the conferences. Now try to tell me that you do not have enough time to get certified during Tech Ed!

As I learn more, I will try to highlight the interesting things that I find.

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